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I am proud to offer the following services in the Weston area:

·         Adoption assistance - Free

·         First  in-home consultation - Free

·         Basic Obedience Training - 4 in-home sessions - US$200 (US$150 adopted dogs)

·         In home dog entreTRAINing - US$50

·         Loose leash walking training lesson - US$45

I look forward to working with you and your dog.

Dog EnterTRAINing
   Feeling guilty about your dog’s inactivity? Is he alone, bored or without motivation? The solution is here!

   This is a professional service of entertaining and training joined together to create an enjoyable activity for your dog.
I offer dog owners a program in which as a trainer I work according with the dog’s temperament, energy, age and specific requirements. A happy dog is a synonym of a behaved dog. 

   It is important to consider that walking your dog to go to the bathroom may not be enough. It has other important needs and motivations. Dogs have great amount of energy that need to be burned by activity.  Also, providing them with in-home activities that challenge their mind and keep them busy is essential. 
   I provide techniques that will make your dog behave outside and inside the house. Walks can become pleasant for both when the dog learns not to pull the leash and walk in rhythm with you.



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