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   My name is Gisela, I am a dog lover first and a dog trainer second. I am a proud volunteer in animal shelters in the area of Broward. Dogs occupy an immense place in my heart and it is safe to say that I love every one of them regardless. I am defiantly a dog person and animal person in general.

   Despite this I do understand the relationship with your dog can become disappointing. By first-hand experience, I am aware of the great difference professional dog training can make on improving the relationship between your dog and you. In some cases the training is vital in order to avoid a frustrating relationship. An investment in professional training can make the difference and make a wonderful transformation in the behavior of your dog.

   Thought all the years I have worked with dogs and their owners I get a great satisfaction in witnessing a happy dog and a happy owner.

   My mission with this program is to help you and your dog enjoy many years happy.



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